Velvet Helmet is….

exciting, dynamic, challenging, original acts, emerging artists, established artists, recluses, muses, wild and delicious, dynamic, Berlin-1920’s-esque kabaret, burlesque, comedy, poetry, performance arts, visual arts, theatre, comedy, circus, dance, music, a mystery, a pleasure and a treat….

This night has been created by and for Brisbane artists. We encourage diversity, cross-pollination, collaboration, exploratory new works, challenging subjects, interaction, cross-contamination, subversive, political works, whimsical pieces, new and creative pieces, emerging artists, established artists, heckles and dress-ups. If you have a genre that we haven’t seen before, we encourage you to bring it to the table. If you have something you are uncertain of, we want it even more. Don’t be shy, you’re all welcome here. Come one, come all, to the party on the fringe. We keep our door price low enough for the artists and the students. All monies go directly to paying the¬†artists involved.

Come dressed to impress….

But who are we?


Our core team is currently spread across Australia and the world, so or the time being there will be no more events. As our team regathers, we will once again search the dark corners of Brisbane to bring you the best of the underground and alternative performing arts. Please stay tuned for further updates.

In the meantime, we recommended the following arts collectives as a great jumping off point  alt arts in Brisneyland.

Ruckus Slam – a motley crew of slam poets, the leading edge of the newly vibrant live poetry scene in Brisbane.

Vulcana Women’s Circus – regularly creating and collaborating with Indigenous, queer, and differently-able artists – Vulcana is your link to evocative arts experiences in Brisbane.








Image credit: Paolo De Francesco


We at Velvet Helmet operate under Creative Commons licensing. For further questions, please contact us!

2 thoughts on “WELCOME, CHILD, DO COME IN . . .

    • Velvet Helmet says:

      Hello Kate, I’ sorry to say, but the New Globe is a fully licensed venue so at this stage our show is over 18 years only. Look out for some exciting events coming up later in the year though, where younger fans will be welcome. Stay tuned…


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